Exposed by Crimson Quintessence 2020

The following content has been written for several reasons. The main reason is because there’s a couple of real despicable girls (who shall not be named but they know who they are) who have been continuously mistreating a lot of people, so my rage has been turned into this post. So, If people figure outContinue reading “Exposed by Crimson Quintessence 2020”

A Wrinkle in Time

For all of my pandemic night owls…stay strong and create. I love you. Shadows dance, on dark concrete Drifting, shifting, endlessly Thoughts converge, and then take shape While flickering flames, illuminate Feeling serene, under cloak of night Bereft of impulse to fight, or take flight Silhouettes emerge, beneath the moon Creating safe havens, for ideasContinue reading “A Wrinkle in Time”


Using Leftovers as Startovers to Create New Meals


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Welcome to the Freewill Writers Asylum. Here we share the work of our Freewill Writers Asylum Family. Through Articles, Poetry, Introspective pieces and Short Fictional Stories as well as Challenge Pieces you will engage in a variety of styles, artwork and creations all to be shared with anyone who desires to be set free through the end of their quills. Relax, enjoy and interact with a family of like-minded individuals as we share the art of words with you. Thank you for visiting and please share with your friends.

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