Bones in a Tub by Heather Free

Bones in a Tub

I feel so peaceful at this exact moment in time. I’ve just devoured our favorite meal, London broil, marinated with a zesty peppercorn sauce and cooked to utter perfection. 

I’m surrounded by a sense of fulfillment as I slowly become one with my recliner. I am briefly startled by the chime of the clock.  Lost for a solitary second, my grin widens with the realization that this juncture has come, yet again.  That magical hour which breaks up the monotony and allows my soul to simply, breathe.  We all have our own personal little escapes from life now and again, don’t we?

As I mentally run down my to-do list in preparation, I am meticulous in my planning.  Everything down to the last minute of details, must be perfect, so that I may receive maximum enjoyment.

I begin gathering my supplies, just as I always do.  Right then, the wine, I must have my vino.  I scamper off to the nearby kitchen and retrieve two wine glasses and bottle of my favorite red.  It has been sitting at room temperature all day, so that makes it just ripe for my palate.  I set the wine and glasses on the floor.  Ah, that’s it, now, I need incense. I do so adore the scent of sandal wood wafting into my nostrils while I unwind.  Aromatherapy they call it, I believe.  It’s become quite the rage around here.

 Where was I again?  Oh right, I gather up the incense and other preferred supplies and saunter off into my bathroom.

My perfectly pedicured toes sink slowly into the memory foam bathmat and feel as if they’ve been embraced by pure sunshine and warmth.  I carefully turn the faucet on and adjust, to ensure that I have the appropriate temperature. There’s nothing more heinous than getting into a scalding hot bath, other than stepping into an icy cold one, in my mind, though I’m not sure which is worse at this point.

As the tranquil sound of the running water fills my ears, I start setting up.  Pouring myself a well- deserved glass of Apothic Red, I allow it to breathe, and then take a sip.  I am floored by the delectable flavors of dark red fruits, with hints of vanilla and mocha.

I glance toward the window which has amassed profuse condensation for such a short time period.  I pause briefly to listen to the howling winter wind which threatens to violate my warmth.  I turn and wipe the moisture from the mirror to glance at myself for a split second. Not too shabby, I think, nothing spectacular, but still emanating beauty for a woman just reaching her middle age.  I extinguish the glaring overhead light and opt for the more natural glow from my favorite heart-shaped candle.  Ahh… sanctuary. 

Just then, I hear his voice echoing down the hallway, as he informs me, he’ll be joining me shortly.   Endorphins rush into my brain.  There mere sound of his voice triggers a bona fide physiological response.  I begin to glow as my pulse quickens and the guttural twinges began their telltale dance that I have grown well accustomed to.  On comes our favorite playlist as I click the touchscreen, my terry cloth robe falls to my feet and I step into the soothing waters, longingly anticipating his arrival.

As I toss a few drops of lavender bath oil into the water I am transported.  I become aware of the knob clicking as the door eases open.  I am thrilled without question and raw with anticipation.  My mind wanders, I wait with bated breath for the most intimate, most raw and purest of moments that two people can share.  With nothing to hide behind, we bare all and, in this reveal, we are positively free.  The water ripples as he slowly steps in.  My heart flip- flops as I hand him his wine stem and am greeted by the sensation of the smoothest, most loving lips brushing against my own.   Softly at first and them growing with intensity, our tongues touch ever so slightly, dancing, gently teasing one another as we simultaneously inhale each other’s breaths, merging into one.

As his lips pull away from mine, I am smacked back to reality, returning from a place far too heavenly to be lawful.  All seems so perfect, so surreal.  I take a minute to attempt to regain my composure, then gaze into his Adonis-like peepers of pure aquamarine and hold my breath, not wanting to be distracted for one millisecond in this precise moment.   He delves deep into my eyes and straight into my soul.  I feel intoxicated by his gaze.   I stare completely transfixed knowing that he is mine, all mine.  We share something so incredibly special, so unique and so true.  Although beaming with overwhelming joy, I feel the warmth of a single tear sliding down my cheek as I am overcome by the sheer magnitude of our love.

We make our way into a seated position.  I reach for the faucet.  As I do, my arm contacts his.  Moist skin glides on moist skin.  I shiver.  He reaches for me as I verge upon him and we experience the most wondrous of embraces, enveloping us in such passionate, true love.  He caresses my cheek, stares into my eyes and whispers that which my soul already has knowledge of, that he is for me. Unable to answer his phrase with words, I respond with my open mouth upon his, rapid breaths ensue.

Through the steam rising from the tub, with the light of the candle, I can feel the fierceness of his gaze settling on my breasts as they gently bob on the surface of the water.  I feel the love as well as the lust emanating from his glorious eyes.  Though we are in close quarters, I move in ever so slowly as my lengthy legs straddle his scrumptious body.  Our wet skin is sticky yet provides the perfect lubrication as the bottom of my ass dances on the top of his well- formed pins.  Moving slowly, I perch myself on top of him, sitting face to face, leaving no space in between.  I can feel his member gently caressing my entrance, tormenting me, as we embrace each other, our tongues begin to tango with increasing ferocity.  As we come up for air, shivers run down my spine, he rolls my right pierced nipple between his strong fingers and I am in, not breaking eye contact for even a second.  I take my wet fingernails across his thighs and as I do, I grin as I hear the response I was yearning for.   A gentle euphoric sound escapes his lips, as I continue to run my fingertips, ever so lightly, across his beautiful, baby soft skin.

I am so ridiculously smitten.  I thank the universe for sending my love to me. This may sound cocky, but I know he shares this sentiment.  We move in complete unison, without hesitation, trusting each other completely, without pretense or expectation.  We are dangling in time. Fingers exploring, giggling like school children and smiling wide. With all caution thrown to the wind, we savor every single second.  He subtly slides his dewy hands beneath the surface of the water and firmly grasps my voluptuous cheeks.  I moan out in pleasure trying to exercise restraint, but resistance is completely futile.  I want him so badly.  I know he desires me as well.  My clit begins to throb, and that familiar wetness appears between my legs. His hands dig into my ass pulling me closer to him. All the while, his cock bobs up and down provoking an undeniable response from my clit, growing harder with each passing second.  I plunge my hands beneath the water and gently begin to tease his beautiful monster. With each touch, its head lifts in response.  His long slender fingers begin parting my lips.  Without hesitation, his fingers plunge into my wetlands as she constricts her grasp around them like a boa. His fingers explore every inch of my interior. I can barely breathe.  Our hips enter autopilot mode as they begin thrusting against each other.  Even with the lubrication of the water, the increasing friction between us, drives us both to the edge.  He withdraws his fingers, lifts me by my buttocks and places my sopping wet pussy directly over the head of his luscious cock.  Slowly taunting me, he rubs his rock-hard head from the tip of my clit all the way to the end of my back door.  I can take no more.  The yearning within is insatiable and must be satisfied.  My trajectory is crystal clear. I grab his taut dick, guide its solid head right to the entrance of my flower.   It slips and slides along the opening. I am so ridiculously smitten.  I thank the universe for sending my love to me. This may sound cocky, but I know he shares this sentiment. 

Fulfilled to the max as he rams it so deeply inside of me, we gasp and freeze, staring into each other’s eyes, completely lost. He holds himself so far inside of me with such force for what feels like an eternity. Suddenly drawing back only to slam himself so passionately inside of me again, he elicits a frozen scream from my lips.  He repeats and my womanly hips reciprocate, moving in perfect unison, unaware of the water splashing out of the tub, spilling onto the floor, as we melt into one.  One soul, one heart, one mind, one body……. a single entity.  The sound of his quick breaths as he thrusts in and out of me are driving me to the brink of explosion.  As he continues, growing closer to his release, our breaths become even more rapid.  I am about to explode as I await my prize, his flaming hot sticky cum coating my insides.  His tongue buried in my mouth, eyes rolling up into his head, I know what is about to transpire.  I urge him to let go.  The waves in my labial lips are increase in intensity.  I can’t hold off any longer.  He moans, sending waves of pure fucking rapture through my entire being……. I wait for the final crescendo. Contradiction between outright pain and sincere, true love enrapture me and battle for the win.

Like a stylus being crudely ripped from a record, everything comes to a screeching halt.  Reality whips me upside my cranium with such force that I am knocked sideways.  The world melts away into sheer oblivion as the floor drops out from beneath me. Waves of nausea commence as the vertigo intensifies. I am spiraling out of control.  Whirling down in a circular motion, I want to scream out.  Sheer fucking terror ensues.  I glance over both shoulders and quickly scan the room.  Thorough panic follows, I cannot breathe. Where is my love?   Exhaustive anguish overpowers me.  The searing pain cuts like the dullest of knives and I pray I bleed out.  I sob uncontrollably. 

I can’t think, my thoughts become jumbled, like soup ingredients, boiling over from a pot.  All I can do is feel, and all I feel is sheer desolation.  I feel completely helpless, hopeless and most of all… I feel lost.  I am completely fucking lost.  I have never experienced agony such as this. “I LOVE YOU! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME!” I scream at the top of my lungs in between heartfelt sobs. “PLEASE!  I beg.  I NEED you! You are my other half!  I cannot BEAR TO LIVE without you. COME BACK PLEASE!”  I am now shaking uncontrollably, completely inconsolable.  My face is soaked with salty tears and nasal secretions.  This pain is so intense I don’t want to exist.  How can I go on?   I’m not certain I can, and I know I don’t want to.  I’ve lost the urge to live, I couldn’t care less about breathing.  I step out of the tub and collapse on the cold bathroom floor, amid a pile of endless tears.  So, fucking lost just begging for an end to the excruciating pangs of loss. I frantically reach for my phone; I need to hear the soothing sound of his voice.  Realizing there is no one to call, I surrender losing all self-control completely.  My entire body shakes in unison with my uncontrollable sobs.  Unintelligible words mixed with sounds of raw torment escape my lips.

 How can I go on?   I’m not certain I can, and I know I don’t want to.  I’ve lost the urge to live, I couldn’t care less about breathing.  I step out of the tub and collapse on the cold bathroom floor, amid a pile of endless tears.  So, fucking lost just begging for an end to the excruciating pangs of loss I frantically reach for my phone; I need to hear the soothing sound of his voice.  Realizing there is no one to call, I surrender losing all self-control completely.  My entire body shakes in unison with my uncontrollable sobs.  Unintelligible words mixed with sounds of raw torment escape my lips.

After what feels like a literal lifetime, I finally catch my breath but remain numb.  I have lost the ability to feel…to experience…to think…anything at all.   I am an empty shell.   My eyes look forward, but I am unable to focus.  I am surrounded by a haze.  Empty……one of the living dead.

I sit in solitude for an eternity before being jolted once again by the chiming of that damn clock.  I stare at the digits in amazement, realizing that only a couple of hours have passed since I last glanced their way.   I light a cigarette inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly.  It all makes sense now.  I cannot believe it has transpired yet again.  It is unfathomable, yet it has been completed.   I look down and see the obituary, contained within a heart shaped frame on the shelf.  Tragically separated too soon, it has become customary to recreate our most treasured moments annually.  I shake my head in disbelief that seven years have already passed, since he left me alone on this earth.

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